Dual Element Fuse
A fuse having responsive elements of two different fusing characteristics in a single series of fuse.
Dual Gate Mosfet
A two-gate MOSFET in which either gate can control the conductor independently, a fact which makes this MOSFET very versatile.
Dual In-line Memory Module
A module of RAM for a PC, replacing the older SIMM specification.
Dual Inline Package
IC package having two parallel rows of preformed leads.
Dual Voting
Concept where two independent inputs are required before action, usually machine shutdown, is taken.
Dual-Access Memory
Memory that can be sequentially accessed by more than one controller or processor but not simultaneously accessed.
Dual-Ported Memory
Memory that can be simultaneously accessed by more than one controller or processor.
Duckworth, Keith
English mechanical engineer most famous for designing the Cosworth DFV engine that revolutionised the sport of Formula One.
A pipe or closed conduit made of sheet metal, fibreglass board, or other suitable material used for conducting air to and from an air handling unit.
Duct Acoustics
Ducts with acoustic waves propagating through them exist in many forms.
Ducted Fan
A fan enclosed in a duct.
Ductile Fracture
A mode of fracture that is attended by extensive gross plastic deformation.
Ductile-to-Brittle Transition
The transition from ductile to brittle behaviour with a decrease in temperature.
A measure of a material′s ability to undergo appreciable plastic deformation before fracture.
Any process in which a caustic substance is rendered less corrosive.
Dulong-Petit Law
The molar heat capacity is approximately equal to the three times the ideal gas constant.
Dummy Load
A dissipative but nonradiating device that has the impedance characteristics of an antenna or transmission line.
Another name for Dodecane.
Duodecimal Number System
The system of numeration with base 12.
Duplex Filter
An assembly of two filters with valving for selection of either or both filters.
Duplex Theory of Localization
This is the combination of the two methods that describe human binaural sound localization first proposed by Lord Rayleigh around 1900.
A device which uses the finite delay between the transmission of a pulse and the receipt of an echo to permit the use of the same antenna for both transmitting and receiving.
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An instrument for determining the hardness of synthetic rubber or elastomeric materials, usually on the Shore A scale.
An air suspension or particles of any solid material, usually with particle size less than 100 microns.
Dutch Metal
A form of brass being an alloy of copper, 84% and zinc 16%.

Duty Cycle
The ratio of operating to non-operating time for a device.