Abbreviation of Cubic Yard.
Cyanide Process
A method for separating a metal from an ore.
Casehardening method that introduces carbon and nitrogen to the workpiece simultaneously.
More commonly known as Super Glue or Instant Glue.
Commonly known as vitamin B12.
Alternative name for Acrylonitrile.
Colourless very poisonous gas that smells of bitter almonds.
One complete repetition of a periodic motion.
Cycle Counting
Cycle counting is used to summarize lengthy, irregular load-versus-time histories by providing the number of times cycles of various amplitudes occur.
Cycles per Second
The rate of repetition of periodic motion measured in hertz (cycles per second).
Cyclic Loading
The repeated loading and unloading of a structure to determine the fatigue lifetime.
Cyclic Pitch Control
Means of changing the pitch of a rotor′s blades progressively, to provide a horizontal thrust component for flight in any horizontal direction.
Cyclic Polygon
A polygon whose vertices lie on a circle.
Cyclic Redundancy Check
An integrity checking process for block data.
Saturated compounds containing only carbon and hydrogen atoms in which the carbon backbone forms a ring structure.
The process that creates a new low pressure system or cyclone, or intensifies a pre-existing one.
The curve described by a point on a circle as it rolls along a line.
Alternative name for Hydrogen Cyanide.
An area of closed pressure circulation with rotating and converging winds, the centre of which is a relative pressure minimum.
A type of particle accelerator in which an ion introduced at the centre is accelerated in an expanding spiral path by use of alternating electrical fields in the presence of a magnetic field.
Cyclotron Radius
Also known as Larmor Radius.
A right angle circular cylinder.
Cylinder Block
A number of cylinders cast in one piece.
Cylinder Head
The detachable part of the top of the cylinder block that seals the cylinder and forms the top of the combustion chamber.
Cylinder Liner
A cylindrical lining that is inserted into the cylinder jacket or cylinder block and in which the piston slides.
Cylindrical Battery
A cylindrical shaped battery such as an 18650.
Cylindrical Parabolic Reflector
A parabolically shaped reflector that resembles part of a cylinder.
Cylindrical Wave
A wave in which the surfaces of constant phase are coaxial cylinders.


A naturally occurring amino acid with an SH group on its side chain.



A naturally occurring amino acid with a disulfide bridge group on its side chain, formed by condensation of two cysteine residues.

Heme proteins serving as electron carriers in cellular respiration, photosynthesis, or other redox reactions.
The final separation of daughter cells following mitosis.
A jelly like material found in a living cell.
The filamentous network providing structure, organization and motion to the cytoplasm: includes actin filaments, microtubules, and intermediate filaments.
The fluid content of the cytoplasm, excluding the membrane bound organelles.