Abbreviation of curie, a unit of radioactivity.
Cinder Cone
The simplest type of volcano, built from particles and blobs of congealed lava ejected from a single vent.
Mercuric Sulphide, the ore of mercury. Occuring as red crystals.
Codes for writing secret messages.
The set of points equidistant from a given point.
Circle Fitting
This is a common method of extracting mode shape vectors from a set of frequency response functions.
A clip that fits in a groove on a shaft and locates the shaft axially in one direction.
Circlip Pliers
Pliers with a round bar at the end of each jaw that fit in the holes of a circlip so that it may be sprung open to fit or remove from the workpiece.
Interconnection of components to provide an electrical path between two or more components.
Circuit Breaker
A protective device used to open a circuit when current exceeds a maximum value.
Circular Cone
A cone whose base is a circle.
Circular Frequency
The frequency of a steady recurring phenomenum in radians per second.
Circular Mil
An area equal to that of a circle with a diameter of 0.001 inch.
Circular Mil Foot
A unit of volume of a conductor having a cross-sectional area of 1 circular mil and a length of 1 foot.
Circular Saw
A rotating disc, driven by an electric motor, with teeth around the circumference.
Circulatory System
A system which carries substances around the body.
The circumcentre of a triangle is the center of the circumscribed circle.
The circle circumscribed about a figure.
The perimeter of a circle.
Clouds composed of small particles, mostly ice crystals.
A cirriform cloud with vertical development, appearing as a thin sheet of small white puffs which give it a rippled effect.
A cirriform cloud that develops from cirrus spreading out into a thin layer, creating a flat sheetlike appearance.
Cirrus are thin, wispy clouds composed of ice crystals and often appear as veil patches or strands.
Cis and Trans Isomers
Isomers related by rotation about a double bond.
A curve with equation y2(a-x)=x3.
A unit of DNA or RNA corresponding to one gene.
Citric Acid


Natural preservative and also used to add an acidic, or sour, taste to foods and soft drinks.

Citric Acid Cycle
Another name for the Krebs Cycle.
Civil Aviation Authority
The UK′s independent specialist aviation regulator. Its activities include economic regulation, airspace policy, safety regulation and consumer protection.
Civil Engineer
An engineer who plans, designs, and supervises the construction of facilities essential to modern life.
Civil Engineering
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Civil Engineering Calculations
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Civil Engineering Weblinks
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Civil Year
A year as measured by the conventional calendar, equal to 365 days in most years but 366 days in a leap year.