Bypass Capacitor
A capacitor so wired in a circuit that it has low reactance for signal frequencies and, hence, effectively shunts them around another component.
By-Pass Capacitor
A capacitor that provides a path of low impedance - low resistance to AC signals.
Bypass Ratio
The ratio between the mass flow rate of air drawn in by the fan but bypassing the engine core to the mass flow rate passing through the engine core.
Bypass Valve
A small bore valve fitted in parallel to a larger main valve.
Material, other than the principal product, generated as a consequence of an industrial process or as a breakdown product in a living system.
A group of binary digits that combine to make a word. Generally 8 bits.
Byte Aligned
A bit in a coded bitstream is byte-aligned if its position is a multiple of 8 bits from the first bit in the stream.
A style dating from the fifth century that is characterized by masonry construction around a central plan.