Abbreviation of Bushel.
Bubble Chamber
A chamber filled with liquid at low pressure chosen so that small bubbles form along the path of any charged particle.
Buck Saw
Also known as a Bow saw.
To bend under compression.
Distortion cuased by too much or uneven load.
Buckling Load
The limit of force beyond which a structure will buckle.


A form of carbon consisting of 60 carbon atoms bound together to make a roughly spherical "buckyball".

A form of carbon consisting of 60 carbon atoms bound together to make a roughly spherical buckyball.
Buddling Dish
A flat pan or vat used in washing ores.
To polish to a smooth finish of high luster with a cloth or fabric wheel to which a compound has been added.
A memory location in a computer or digital instrument which is set aside for temporarily storing digital information while it is waiting to be processed.
Buffer Amplifier
An amplifier that isolates one circuit from another.
Buffer Solutions
Solutions that resist changes in their pH, even when small amounts of acid or base are added.
Irregular, often violent, oscillations that are the result of unsteady aerodynamic flow around a body.
A mistake or problem in software or hardware.
Building Acoustics
Acoustics associated with the operation and use of a building.
Building Envelope
Elements of the building, including all external building materials, windows, and walls, that enclose the internal space.
Building Paper
Water repellant paper used to assist in shedding incidental moisture what may penetrate exterior finishes of exterior wall construction.
Built in Test Equipment
A permanently mounted device that is used expressly for testing a sensor or system.
A local distortion or swelling outward caused by internal pressure on a tube wall or boiler shell due to overheating.
Bulk Modulus
The bulk modulus of a gas is a measure of its compressibility (elastic property).
Bulk Powder Density
The mass of a powder divided by its apparent volume.
Bump Steer
A generally undesirable condition in which a wheel steers slightly as its suspension compresses or extends.
An automobile bumper helps absorb the energy in an impact.
Bumping Hammer
An hammer used with a dolly for restoring a panel′s shape.
Buncher Cavity
The input resonant cavity in a conventional klystron oscillator.
Buncher Grid
In a velocity-modulated tube, the grid that concentrates the electrons in the electron beam into bunches.
Bunsen Burner
A gas burner with adjustable air intake, commonly used in laboratories.
Bunsen, Robert Wilhelm
Introduced the bunsen burner.
Buoyant Force
The upward force exerted by a fluid on a submerged or floating object.
The load impedance imposed by a relay on its source.
A cylindrical glass tube closed by a stopcock on one end and open on the other, with volume gradations marked on the barrel of the tube, used to precisely dispense a measured amount of a liquid.
A cylindrical glass tube closed by a stopcock on one end and open on the other, with volume gradations marked on the barrel of the tube, used to precisely dispense a measured amount of a liquid.
Burgers Vector
A vector that denotes the magnitude and direction of lattice distortion associated with a dislocation.
Burn In
The operation of a newly fabricated device or system prior to application with the intent to stabilize the device, detect defects, and expose infant mortality.
The process of finishing a metal surface by contact with another harder metal to improve it. To make smooth or glossy by or as if by rubbing; polish.
Burn-on Sand
Sand adhering to the surface of the casting that is extremely difficult to remove.
Firing a mould at a high temperature to remove pattern material residue.
The sharp edge left on metal after cutting or punching.
Burst Disc
A diaphragm designed to burst at a predetermined pressure differential.
Burst Pressure
That pressure at which rupture of a stressed element or pressure-containing vessel takes place.
Transmission medium for electrical or optical signals that perform a particular function, such as computer control.
Copper bar or section used for carrying heavy currents, generally rigid when compared to cables.
A dry or liquid measure equal to eight gallons.
A sleeve or a lining for a bearing or a drill jig to guard against wear.


An important industrial chemical used as a monomer in the production of synthetic rubber.



An alkane hydrocarbon. Commonly used in compressed form for portable heaters and cookers.

An alcohol containing four carbon atoms.



A colourless gas that is present in crude oil as a minor constituent in quantities that are too small for viable extraction.

Butt Gauge
A marking gauge specifically designed for hanging doors with butt hinges.
Butt Hinge
One leaf attaches to the door′s edge, the other to its jamb.
Butt Joint
To place materials end-to-end or end-to-edge without overlapping.
Butt Welding
Joining two edges or ends by placing one against the other and welding them.
Butter of Antimony
Alternative name for Antimony Trichloride.
Butter of Zinc
An old name for Zinc Chloride.
Butterfly Valve
Used for isolating or regulating flow where the closing mechanism takes the form of a disk.
Button Cell
A single-cell, miniature battery, such as a watch battery, that is the size and shape of a button.
Button Cutter
Round insert that is able to spread the stresses generated by the cutting forces over a larger area than other insert shapes.
An exterior masonry structure that opposes the lateral thrust of an arch or a vault and adds extra support.
Buttress Dam
A gravity dam reinforced by structural supports.
Buttressed Thread
A screw thread with one vertical and one inclined flank.
Butyl Alcohol
Alternative name for Butanol.
Another name for Butene.