A tool with a long handle attached to a sharp blade and used for felling trees or chopping wood.
In the same direction as the shaft centreline.
Axial Compressor
Rotating airfoil based compressor in which the working fluid principally flows parallel to the axis of rotation.
Axial Float
Movement of one shaft along its centreline due to the freedom of movement permitted by a journal bearing or a sleeve bearing.
Axial Flow Laser
An axial flow of gas is maintained through the tube to replace those gas molecules depleted by the electrical discharge used to excite the gas molecules to the lasing.
Axial Load
A load applied along or parallel to and concentric with the primary axis.
Axial Load Bearing
A bearing in which the load acts in the direction of the axis of rotation.
Axial Mode
The room resonances associated with each pair of parallel walls.
Axial Strain
The strain in the direction that the load is applied, or on the same axis as the applied load.
Axial Thrust
The load applied along or parallel to and concentric with the primary axis.
Axicon Lens
A conical lens which, when followed by a conventional lens, can focus laser light to a ring shape.
A statement assumed to be true without the need for proof.
Axiomatic Completeness
An axiomatic theory is complete if every syntactically correct statement in the theory can be proven either right or wrong.
The line, real or imaginary, passing through the centre of an object about which it could rotate; a point of reference.
Axis of a Weld
A line through the length of a weld, perpendicular to a cross section at its centre of gravity.
Axis of Freedom
An axis about which an object is free to rotate.
Axis of Rotation
Centre line about which rotation occurs.
Axis of Symmetry
A line that passes through a graph or figure such that one side of the figure is an exact mirror image of the other.
An axle is a shaft on which a part rotates.
The branched ending of the extended section of a neuron.