A cumulative ionization process.
A picture or figure representing a person in an online environment.
A statistic calculated by summing a set of data values and dividing by the number of values.
Average Bond Enthalpy
Average enthalpy change per mole when the same type of bond is broken in the gas phase for many similar substances.
Average Deviation
The absolute value of the difference from the mean for each data value, summed, then divided by the number of values.
Average Expected Payoff
An estimate of the amount that will be gained in a game of chance, calculated by multiplying the probability of winning by the number of points won each time.
Average Room Absorption Coefficient
Total room absorption in sabins or metric sabins, divided by total room surface area in consistent units of square feet or square metres.
Average Sound Pressure Level in a Room
The space average sound pressure level taken over the total volume of the room.
Average Speed
The distance traveled divided by the time taken.
In any process it is often necessary to average a number of measurements to gain any confidence in the measured value.
Averroes, Ibn Roshd
Arabian philosopher and physician who helped to advance the science of his time.
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Avogadro, Armedeo
His work provided a simple way to determine atomic weights and molecular weights of gases.
Avogadro′s Law
Equal volumes of an ideal gas contain equal numbers of molecules, if both volumes are at the same temperature and pressure.
Avogadros Number
N = 6.022045x1023 mol-1