Aqua Fortis
Ancient name for Nitric Acid, a colourless, corrosive, acid liquid that attacks most metals and other substances.
Aqua Regia
A mixture of nitric and hydrochloric acids used to dissolve gold.
The colloidal graphite coating in cathode-ray or television tubes.
When water stands on a road or race track it may not be dispersed effectively from the tyre contact area with the road.
Aquatic Ecotoxicity
The study of how chemicals affect the water environment and the organisms living there.
A channel designed to transport water from a remote source, usually by gravity.
Aqueous Battery
A battery based on an electrolyte dissolved in water.
Aqueous Decontamination
Removal of a chemical or biological hazard with a water-base solution.
Aqueous Solubility
The maximum concentration of a chemical that will dissolve in pure water at a reference temperature.
Aqueous Solution
A solution in which water is the dissolving medium or solvent.
A permeable region of rock or soil through which ground water can move.
A material of low permeability that greatly slows the movement of ground water.