Numerical Analysis Topics

Abstract Program
A mathematical program defined on an abstract vector space.
Active Constraint
An inequality constraint that holds with equality (at a point).
Algebraic Multiplicity of an Eigenvalue
The algebraic multiplicity of an eigenvalue c of a matrix A is the number of times the factor (t-c) occurs in the characteristic polynomial of A.
Complementary Slackness
Condition that two non-negative vectors are orthogonal.
Measure of computer time or space to solve a problem by an algorithm as a function of the problem′s dimensions.
Dispersion Model
A computerized set of mathematical equations that uses emissions and meteorological information to simulate the behavior and movement of air pollutants in the atmosphere.
Least-Squares Solution of a Linear System
A least-squares solution to a system of linear equations Ax = b is a vector x that minimizes the length of the vector Ax - b.
Numerical Analysis Books
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Numerical Analysis Calculations
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Numerical Analysis Conversions
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Numerical Analysis Source Code
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Numerical Analysis Weblinks
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Range of Linear Transformation
The range of a linear transformation T is the set of all vectors T(v), where v is any vector in its domain.
Unbounded Mathematical Program
Objective is not bounded on the feasible region.
Unconstrained Mathematical Program
One with no constraints.
Unitary Matrix
A nonsingular matrix whose Hermitian adjoint equals its inverse.
Univariate Optimisation
Mathematical program with a single variable.
Valid Inequality
An inequality constraint added to a relaxation that is redundant in the original mathematical program.

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