The second flavour of charged leptons (in order of increasing mass often called a heavy electron), with electric charge -1.

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muon mass 1.88353109e-28 kgClip
muon-electron mass ratio 206.7682657 Clip
muon-tau mass ratio 5.94572e-2 Clip
muon-proton mass ratio 0.1126095173 Clip
muon-neutron mass ratio 0.1124545079 Clip
muon molar mass 0.1134289168e-3 kgmol-1Clip
muon Compton wavelength 11.73444197e-15 mClip
muon magnetic moment -4.49044813e-26 JT-1Clip
muon magnetic moment anomaly 1.16591602e-3 Clip
muon g-factor -2.0023318320 Clip
muon-proton magnetic moment ratio -3.18334539 Clip
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See also: Electron, Lepton, Muon Chamber, Neutrino.

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Subjects: Physics