Moments of Inertia

Moment of inertia has two distinct but related meanings:
  1. it is a property of a an object relating to the magnitude of the moment required to rotate the object and overcome its inertia.
  2. A property of a two dimensional cross section shape with respect to an axis, usually an axis through the centroid of the shape.
1 lb in2=2.926396534 kg cm2 1 slug ft2=1.35582 kg m2
1 lb ft2=0.0421401101 kg m2 1 slug in2=0.00941540242 kg m2
Thin Rod of length, L and mass, m

Solid sphere of radius, r and mass, m

Solid cylinder of radius, r, mass, m and length, L

Solid cuboid of sides, a b c and mass, m

Annular ring, outer radius, r1, inner radius, r2, thickness, b and density, ρ

Mass, m
Moment of inertia, I3

See also: Polar Moment of Inertia.

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Subjects: Mechanical Engineering Physics