A milling machine. Also, the act of performing an operation on the milling machine.

Climb Milling

A method of milling in which the work table moves in the same direction as the direction of rotation of the milling centre. Sometimes called down cutting or down milling.

Down Feed

A seldom used method of feeding work into milling cutters. The work is fed in the same direction as the portion of the cutter which comes in contact with it.

End Mill

Milling cutter held by its shank that cuts on its periphery and, if so configured, on its free end.

Face Milling

Milling a large flat surface with a milling cutter that operates in a plane that is at right angles to its axis.

Formed Cutters

Milling cutters which will produce shaped surfaces with a single cut, and designed so that they may be sharpened without changing their outline or shape.

Gang Milling

A milling setup where a number of cutters are arranged on an arbor so that several surfaces can be machined at one time. It is commonly used for production purposes.

Inserted Tooth Cutter

A milling cutter designed with replaceable cutting tooth inserts to save the expense of a new cutter whenever the teeth become damaged or worn. Generally, they are made 6 inches or more in diameter.


That part of a column of a knee-type milling machine which carries the saddle and the table and provides the machine with vertical feed adjustments.

Milling Cutter

A cutting tool, generally cylindrical in shape and used on a milling machine.

Plain Cutter

A milling cutter with cutting teeth on the periphery only.

Side Cutter

A milling cutter that has cutting teeth on the side as well as on the periphery or circumference.

Two-Lip End Mill

An end milling cutter designed with teeth that cut to the centre so that it may be used to feed into the work like a drill.

Universal Milling Machine

A milling machine with a worktable that can be swiveled for milling helical work. It is always supplied with attachments, including an indexing fixture.

See also: Cutting Speed, Dividing Head, End Mill, Fly Cutter, Milling Cutter, Slot Drill, Tandem Mill, Woodruff Cutter.

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