Miles per Hour

Traditional British unit of velocity used by land based vehicles.

1 mile per hour (mph)=1.609 kilometres per hour (kph) 1 mile per hour (mph)=0.44694 ms-1

Snail0.03 mph (0.013 ms-1)
Fast walk4 mph (1.79 ms-1)
Stephenson′s Rocket30 mph (13.4 ms-1)
Steam train speed record126 mph (56.3 ms-1)
Fastest boat (Spirit of Australia 1978)317.6 mph (141.95 ms-1)
Land speed record (Thrust SSC 1997)763 mph (341.0 ms-1)
Concorde1336 mph (597 ms-1)
Fastest plane (SR71 BlackBird)2193 mph (980 ms-1)

See also: Approximate Speed, Kilometres Per Hour, Mile, Velocity.

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