A unit of distance most commonly used in Britain and the US.

Abbreviation: mi

1 mile=1609.344 metres 1 mile=5280 feet
1 mile=80 chains (Gunter) 1 mile=8000 links (Gunter)
1 mile=1.609344 kilometres 1 mile=320 rods
1 mile=1760 yards 1 mile=0.869 nautical miles

The word comes from the Latin word for 1000, mille, because originally a mile was the distance a Roman legion could march in 1000 paces.

There have been different definitions of the mile until the definition for the statute mile was defined by British Parliament in 1592.

See also: Chain, Foot, Furlong, Geographical Mile, kilometre, Metre, Miles Per Hour, Nautical Mile, SI Units, Yard.

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