Mechanical Filter

A device to remove dirt and other impurities from air, oil, or water.


The amount of contaminants a filter will hold before an excessive pressure drop is caused. Most filters have bypass valves which open when a filter reaches its rated capacity.

Filter Efficiency

Method of expressing a filter's ability to trap and retain contaminants of a given size.

Filter Element

The porous device which performs the actual process of filtration.

Filter Head

An end closure for the filter case or bowl that contains one or more ports.

Filter Housing

A ported enclosure that directs the flow of fluid through the filter element.

Filter Life Test

A type of filter capacity test in which a clogging contaminant is added to the influent of a filter, under specified test conditions, to produce a given rise in pressure drop across the filter or until a specified reduction of flow is reached. Filter life may be expressed as test time required to reach terminal conditions at a specified contaminant addition rate.

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Subjects: Mechanical Engineering