The body constituent of a composite or two-phase alloy that completely surrounds the dispersed phase and gives the body its bulk form.


A rectangular array of elements. The dimensions of a matrix are often written as m x n. Where m is the number of rows and n the number of columns.


2 x 2 matrix, also known as a square matrix
2 x 3 matrix
4 x 2 matrix

If we have a matrix
each element of the matrix may be referenced using the notation Ai,j
i is the row and j is the column
A1,1 = 3, A2,3 = 1, A3,4 = 56

See also: Alloy, Characteristic Polynomial of a Matrix, Column Space of a Matrix, Defective Matrix, Diagonal Matrix, Eigenvector of a Matrix, Elementary Matrix, Hankel Matrix, Inverse of a Matrix, Invertible Matrix, Jordan Matrix, Main Diagonal, Nonsingular Matrix, Null Space of a Matrix, Nullity of a Matrix, Orthogonal Matrix, Row Equivalent Matrices, Row Space of a Matrix, Singular Matrix, Symmetric Matrix, Toeplitz Matrix, Trace, Unimodular Matrix, Unitary Matrix.

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