The SI unit of Mass

The SI unit of mass is the kilogram and is equal to the mass of the International Prototype kilogram kept at Sevres, Paris and is a cylinder of platinum and iridium.

1 gram (g)=1x10-3 kg 1 pound (lb)=0.453592 kg
1 Tonne (t)=1x103 kg 1 ton=1016.047 kg
1 ounce (oz)=28.34952 g 15.4324 grain (gr)=1 g
1 troy ounce=31.1035 g 1 troy ounce=480 grain
1 slug=14.5939 kg 1 metric carat=0.2 g

Electron rest mass9.109565x10-31 kg
Proton rest mass1.672614x10-27 kg
Neutron rest mass1.674920x10-27 kg
VW Beetle810 kg
Boeing 747-400 (maximum takeoff)3.94x105 kg
Titanic (displacement)5.38x107 kg
Mass of the moon7.349x1022 kg
Mass of the Earth5.977x1024 kg
Mass of the sun1.99x1030 kg

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