Mass Flow Rate

Simply put, this defines the volumetric rate with which fluids flow (kgs-1).

In a system where there is a fluid flow and no sources or sinks the the mass flow rate must be equal at all points within that system

This yields the Equation of Continuity:

Equation of Continuity

ρ = density [kgm-3]
A = cross sectional area [m2]
v = velocity [ms-1]

That is, if the pipe constricts, the fluid flows faster; if it widens, the fluid flows slower. This is, in effect a different interpretation of the law of conservation of momentum

1 lbm s-1=0.454 kg s-1 1 lbm h-1=1.26x10-4 kg s-1
1 ton h-1=0.282 kg s-1 1 slug s-1=14.6 kg s-1

See also: Conservation of Momentum, Molar Flow Rate, Weight Flow Rate.

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