Substance employed to reduce wear of one or both surfaces in close proximity and moving relative to each another.

Electric Motors

Excess grease/oil in the bearings can migrate and cause damage to the windings and internal switches, etc.


The best way is to spray oil directly at the point of gear meshing. The oil is then collected in a sump and from here picked up by the pump. However, where the load is lower one of the gears may dip into the oil. This does lead to greater loss through oil whirl. For gears that are only used intermittently then a grease may be applied to the gears at service intervals.

See also: Boundary Lubrication, Force Feed Lubrication, Hydrodynamic Lubrication, Hydrostatic Lubrication, Lubricating Oil, Lubricator, Mixed Lubrication, Oil Mist Lubrication, Seizure, Sludge, Splash Lubrication, Stribeck Curve, Thin Film Lubrication, Tribology.

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Subjects: Mechanical Engineering