The straight line distance between two points.

The SI unit of Length
The SI unit of length is the metre and is equal to 1650763.73 wavelengths in vacuum of the radiation corresponding to the transition 2p10-5ds of a krypton 86 atom.

1 foot=0.3048 m 1 fathom=1.8288 m
1 mile=1609 m 1 nautical mile=1852 m
1 cable=219.456 m 1 inch=0.0254 m

Classical electron radius2.817940285x10-15m
Wavelength of red visible light7x10-7m
Equatorial radius of the Earth6.37814x106m
Orbital semi-major axis about the sun1.495979x1011m

See also: Approximate Length, Foot, Mensuration, Metre, Micrometre, Nautical Mile, Pace, SI Units, Surveyor′s Wheel.

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