Latent Heat of Fusion

The amount of heat required to melt 1 kilogram of a substance.

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Aluminium 377000 Jkg-1Clip
Antimony 164000 Jkg-1Clip
Brass 168000 Jkg-1Clip
Cadmium 46000 Jkg-1Clip
Cast Iron 126000 Jkg-1Clip
Chromium 134000 Jkg-1Clip
Cobalt 243000 Jkg-1Clip
Copper 172000 Jkg-1Clip
Gold 67000 Jkg-1Clip
Ice 335000 Jkg-1Clip
Iron 205000 Jkg-1Clip
Lead 23000 Jkg-1Clip
Manganese 155000 Jkg-1Clip
Mercury Hg 11700 Jkg-1Clip
Nickel 234000 Jkg-1Clip
Paraffin Oil 147000 Jkg-1Clip
Phenol 109000 Jkg-1Clip
Platinum 113000 Jkg-1Clip
Potassium 59000 Jkg-1Clip
Silver 109000 Jkg-1Clip
Soft Solder 190 Jkg-1Clip
Sulphur 38000 Jkg-1Clip
Tin 59000 Jkg-1Clip
Woods Metal 33500 Jkg-1Clip
Zinc 117000 Jkg-1Clip
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See also: Latent Heat, Latent Heat of Evaporation.

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Subjects: Thermodynamics