Kinematic Viscosity

The dynamic viscosity of a fluid divided by the fluid density.
ν = kinematic viscosity [m2s-1]
μ = dynamic viscosity [Nsm-2]
ρ = density [kgm-3]
1 ft2s-1=0.09290 m2s-1 1 in2s-1=645.2 mm2s-1
1 Stokes (St)=1 cm2s-1 1 centistokes (cSt)=10-6 m2s-1
1 centistoke (cSt) =1 mm2s-1 1 centistoke (cSt)=0.01 Stoke

See also: Density, Stokes, Viscosity, Viscosity Index.

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Subjects: Aerodynamics Fluid Dynamics