Integrated Circuit

First proposed by G. W. A. Dunner in 1952.

1965 - 30 transistor devices
1975 - 65000 transistor devices
1989 - Intel 486 processor had 1.4 million transistors
2002 - Intel P4 had 55 million transistors
2011 - Intel i5 2500K had 1.16 billion transistors
Ultra Large Scale Integration (ULSI)
a chip with over 1,000,000 components.

Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI)
An integrated crcuit with 100,000 to 1,000,000 components.

See also: Chip, Circuit, Dual Inline Package, Flip Chip, Hybrid IC, Large Scale Integration, Micro Electro Mechanical Systems, Microcircuit, Microelectronics, Moore′s Law, Wafer, Zero Insertion Force Socket.

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