Ideal Gas Law

Gases obey the gas laws at low pressures and at temperatures above those at which they liquefy.
An ideal gas will obey:

p = Pressure
V = Volume
n = Number of moles
R = Molar gas constant
T = Temperature

An ideal gas will also obey the following laws:
Joule's law

Boyle's law

Adiabatic equations

Internal energy

Reversible isothermal expansion

Joule expansion

U = Internal energy
γ = Ratio of heat capacities
ΔW = Work done on system
ΔQ = Heat supplied to system
ΔS = Change in entropy of the system
Note: subscripts 1 and 2 denote initial and final states respectively.

See also: Boyles Gas Law, Charles Gas Law, Dalton′s Law of Partial Pressures, Gas, Ideal Gas, Isothermal Expansion, Litre Atmosphere.

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Subjects: Physics