Mechanical engineering unit of power. Defined as 550 foot-pounds per second.

1 horsepower (hp)=550 ft lbf s-1 1 hp=33000 ft lbf min-1
1 hp=745.7 W 1 hp=1.014 metric horsepower (PS or ch)
1 hp=2546 Btu h-1 1 hp=42.433 Btu min-1
1 hp=0.178 kg cal s-1 1 hp=641.6 kg cal h-1

Originally defined by James Watt as 33000 ft lb of work done by a horse in 1 minute.

See also: Cheval Vapeur, Indicated Horsepower, Power, RAC Horsepower Rating, Torque to Power.

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Subjects: Mechanical Engineering