Holmium is a member of the lanthanide group and whose properties closely resemble those of erbium and dysprosium. It is soft and malleable and is slowly attacked by oxygen and water. It is soluble in acids. Applications for holmium are limited, but it is used as a flux concentrator in magnetic fields and also as a poison in nuclear reactors where it assists in keeping the chain reaction under control.


1878 by P.T. Cleve in Uppsala, Sweden, and independently in Geneva by M. Delafontaine and J-L Soret.

1.4 ppm in the earth’s crust.

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Atomic number 67 Clip
Atomic / Molecular Weight 164.9304 gmol-1Clip
Density 8797 kgm-3Clip
Lattice constant 358 fmClip
Melting Point 1743 KClip
Boiling Point 2573 KClip
Specific heat capacity 163 Jkg-1K-1Clip
Thermal conductivity 16 Wm-1K-1Clip
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See also: Periodic Table.

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