Heat Capacity

The amount of heat required to raise the temperature of a body through 1K. Units of heat capacity are JK-1

Constant volume:

Constant pressure:

Difference in heat capacities:

Ratio of heat capacities:

CV = Heat capacity at constant volume
CP = Heat capacity at constant pressure
Q = Heat
T = Temperature
V = Volume
U = Internal entropy
S = Entropy
P = Pressure
H = Enthalpy
βP = Isobaric expansivity
γ = Ratio of heat capacities
κT = Isothermal compressibility
κS = Adiabatic compressibility

Heat capacity is an extensive property.

See also: Joule, Kelvin, Molar Heat Capacity, Ratio of Specific Heats, Specific Heat Capacity.

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Subjects: Thermodynamics