Geological Timescale

The timescale of each Epoch, Period and Era are tabulated below:
Holocene10000present day
Pleistocene1.64 million10000
Pliocene5.2 million1.64 million
Miocene23.5 million5.2 million
Oligocene35.5 million23.5 million
Eocene56.5 million35.5 million
Palaeocene65 million56.5 million

Quaternary1.64 millionpresent day
Tertiary65 million1.64 million
Cretaceous144.2 million65 million
Jurassic208 million146 million
Triassic245 million208 million
Permian290 million245 million
Carboniferous362.5 million290 million
Devonian408 million360 million
Silurian439 million409 million
Ordovician510 million439 million
Cambrian570 million510 million
Proterozic1.0 billion570 million
Archaeozic4.6 billion1.0 billion

Cenozoic65 millionpresent day
Mesozoic245 million65 million
Paleozoic570 million245 million
Precambrian4.6 billion570 million

Phanerozoic570 millionpresent day
Proterozoic2.6 billion570 million
Archaean3.9 billion2.6 billion
Hadean4.6 billion3.9 billion

See also: Archaean, Archaeozic, Cambrian, Carboniferous, Cenozoic, Cretaceous, Devonian, Eocene, Hadean, Holocene, Jurassic, Mesozoic, Miocene, Oligocene, Ordovician, Palaeocene, Paleozoic, Permian, Phanerozoic, Pleistocene, Pliocene, Precambrian, Proterozic, Proterozoic, Quaternary, Silurian, Tertiary, Triassic.

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