Wheels with teeth around the circumference that mesh to transfer rotation between the two at the ratio of the radius of the pitch circle.

Bevel Gear

Conical shaped gears, the angle between the input and output shaft is anything except 0 or 180.

Double Helical Gear

The double helical gear gives a much smoother still operation than the spur or helical gear and reduces the noise levels further. However, it is more difficult to manufacture than the helical. The advantage over the helical is that it does not result in a force along the axis of the gears.

Helical Gear

The helical gear gives a much smoother operation than the spur gear and reduces the noise levels. However, it is more difficult to manufacture.

Spiral Gear

When the helical gears are not aligned so the axles are parallel they are known as spiral gears.

Spur Gear

The straight tooth spur gear is the simplest in design with the teeth cut parallel to the axis of rotation.

See also: Automatic Gearbox, Back Gears, Double Helical Gear, Friction Gear, Gear Design, Helical Gear, Hypoid Gears, Idler Gear, Magnetic Gears, Pinion, Spiral Gear, Spur Gear, Straight-Cut Gear, Worm Gear.

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