Gas Turbine

A turbine driven by the expansion of burning fuel.

CAD image of an SGT6-6000G gas turbine. Copyright Siemens AG, Munich/Berlin

The main advantages of the gas turbine are:

Auxiliary Firing

The addition of extra fuel into the exhaust gases of a turbine to provide an increase in heat output. This uses the preheated excess oxygen in the exhaust gas from the turbine and provides extra heat at high efficiency. This is used to meet peak demands.

Back Work Ratio

The fraction of the gas turbine work used to drive the compressor.

Blade Clearance

Gap between blade and casing.

Bleed Air

Hot air, at high pressure, taken usually from the bypass section of a gas turbine engine, for heating, de-icing and other useful work.

Bypass Ratio

The ratio between the mass flow rate of air drawn in by the fan but bypassing the engine core to the mass flow rate passing through the engine core.

Simple Cycle or Open Cycle

Referring to the gas turbine cycle consisting only of compression, combustion and expansion.

Single Shaft Gas Turbine

A gas turbine arrangement in which the compressor and the gas turbine are all coupled to one shaft.

Historical Notes

  1. 1791 John Barber patents the basic gas turbine in 1791.
  2. 1870 George Brayton proposes the thermodynamic cycle for the Gas Turbine. Now known as the Brayton Cycle.
  3. 1930 Sir Frank Whittle patented the design for a gas turbine for jet propulsion.
  4. 1949 first gas turbine for an electric utility was installed in Oklahoma as part of a combined-cycle power plant. It was built by General Electric and produced 3.5 MW of power.

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