This unit of volume is defined in the British and American system of units. The US gallon is also know as the Winchester gallon.
Note: 1 UK gallon = 1.2 US gallons.

Old Definition
The Imperial (UK) gallon contains 277.274 in3 of distilled water at the temperature of 62°F, with a barometer standing at 30 inches, and weighs 10lbs of distilled water.
1 gallon (UK)=4.54609 litres 1 gallon (US)=3.785411784 litres
1 gallon (UK)=1.2 gallon (US) 1 gallon (UK)=8 pints
1 gallon (US)=231 cu in

See also: Fuel Consumption, Gallons per Minute, Ounce per Gallon, Volume.

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