Fuel Injection

Fuel injected into an engine under high pressure so that it atomizes as it leaves the nozzle.

The main funtions of a fuel injection system are:

Air Injection System

Injects air and liquid fuel through the injection system.


To break up a liquid into extremely fine particles.

Common Rail

A pipe or header from which branch lines lead to each of the fuel valves in the different cylinder heads of a diesel engine and in which fuel is carried at high pressure, ready for delivery to each separate cylinder when the fuel valve is opened by a cam.

Individual Pump System

Uses separate metering and compression pump for each cylinder.

Solid Injection System

Injects only liquid fuel through the injectors.

See also: Fuel Injection Pump, Fuel Injector, Fuel Map, Fuel Supply Pump, Jerk Pump, Mechanical Fuel Injection, Metering Jet.

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