Friction Clutch

A shaft coupling used where it is necessary to provide a connection that can be readily engaged or disengaged while one of the shafts is in motion. Using paired friction surfaces to make the coupling between the two shafts.

Disc Clutch

A disc on the end of the input shaft with a friction surface and a disc on the end of the output shaft. A force parallel to the input shaft is applied to bring the discs toegther and transmit the torque between input and output shaft.

Disc clutch

Multiple Disc Clutch

Multiple plates on input and output shafts are brought together to transmit torque. The multiple plates increases the frictional area.

Multiple disc clutch

Cone Clutch

The friction surfaces are on inner and outer cone surfaces.

Cone clutch

See also: Clutch, Cone Clutch, Disc Clutch, Friction, Multiple Disc Clutch.

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Subjects: Mechanical Engineering

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