Flow Rate

Volume per unit of time.

1 ft3s-1=0.028316847m3s-1 1 ft3s-1=1 cusec
1 ft3s-1=28.316847 litre s-1 1 cubic foot per minute=1 cufm
1 cufm=1.699m3h-1 1 cufm=28.32 litre min-1
1 gallon per minute=0.75768198 litre s-1 1 gallon per minute=7.5768198x10-5m3s-1

The standard unit is cubic metre per second [m3s-1] also written cumec.

See also: Air Exchange Rate, Cubic Foot per Minute, Cubic Foot per Second, Gallons per Minute, Poiseuilles Equation, Volume Velocity.

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Subjects: Aerodynamics Mechanical Engineering Physics

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