Flash Point

The temperature when vapour pressure of a substance becomes high enough to allow the air/vapour layer over the substance to be ignited. Ether and acetone have flash points below room temperature, which makes them very dangerous.

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Acenaphthene 408 KClip Acetic Acid 315.38 KClip Acetone 255.38 KClip
Acrolein 247 KClip Acrylamide 411 KClip Acrylic Acid 341 KClip
Allyl Alcohol 294 KClip Amyl Nitrite 294 KClip Benzaldehyde 336 KClip
Benzene 262 KClip Biphenyl 386 KClip Butane 213 KClip
Butanol 302 KClip Cetyl Alcohol 458 KClip Chlorobenzene 302 KClip
Chloromethane 227 KClip Diethyl Ether 230.15 KClip Dimethyl Ether 232.2 KClip
Domoic Acid 594 KClip Ethanol 285 KClip Ethyl Acetate 269.8 KClip
Ethylene Glycol 384 KClip Formaldehyde 220 KClip Glycerol 449 KClip
Hydrogen Cyanide 255.22 KClip Inositol 416 KClip Linseed Oil 477.6 KClip
Menthol 366 KClip Methyl Acetate 264 KClip Methyl Alcohol 284 KClip
Naphtha 313.7 KClip Nonane 304 KClip Octane 286.5 KClip
Olive Oil 498 KClip Oxalic Acid 439 KClip Paraffin Oil 472 KClip
Petrol 230 KClip Phenol 352.6 KClip Polyvinyl Alcohol 352.44 KClip
Propane 200 KClip Propanol 285 KClip Sulphur 480 KClip
Tetraethyl Germanium 308 KClip Tetraethyl Tin 326 KClip Tetramethyl Lead 310.7 KClip
Tetramethyl Tin 261 KClip Toluene 277.6 KClip Turpentine 308 KClip
Undecane 333 KClip Vinyl Acetate 265 KClip Xylol 290.4 KClip
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See also: Abel Flashpoint Apparatus, Auto-Ignition Temperature, Vapour Pressure.

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