Fibre Optics

The transmission of radiant energy through transparent fibres of glass, plastic or fused silica.

Bend Loss

Result of curvature of the fibre and/or small distortions in the fibre producing increased attenuation.


Outer concentric layer surrounding the fiber core, having a lower index of refraction.


Centre section of the optical fibre carrying the light.

Fibre Coating

Material immediately covering the optical fibre to preserve the integrity of the fibre.

Index Matching Gel

Material whose index of refraction is almost equal to that of the fibre core and is used to minimize Fresnel reflections.


Curvature of a fibre which causes loss of light.


Microscopic bends and bumps in the fibre which cause loss of light by scattering.


A term used to describe an independent light path through a fibre, as in multimode or single-mode:

Mode Coupling

Energy exchange between modes of light propagating in an optical fibre.

Single Mode Fibre An optical fibre that supports only one mode of light propagation above the cutoff wavelength.

Multimode Fibre An optical waveguide in which light travels in multiple modes.

See also: Fused Silica, Graded Index Fibre, Index Matching Gel, Mode Coupling, Multi Mode Fibre, Plastic, Single Mode Fibre.

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