Electron Volt

Unit of energy of moving particles. Given by the kinetic energy acquired by an electron losing one volt of potential.

eV = 1.60217733x10-19J

Kilo electron Volt (keV)=1,000 eV Mega electron Volt (MeV)=106eV
Giga electron Volt (GeV)=1,000,000,000 eV Tera electron Volt (TeV)=1012eV

Electronvolts are used as a measure of the energy of cosmic rays and high-energy photons.

Binding energy on an electron in an atom~1 eV
the photon energy of visible light1.6 to 3.4 eV
X-rays~1000 eV (1 keV)
energy-equivalent (E=mc2) of the mass of a proton~1 GeV
kinetic energy of a flying mosquito~1 TeV


This is sometimes used in the US to designate one billion electronvolts (109), note that this is incorrect and should be designated GeV.


One billion (109) electronvolts. Using Einstein's equation E = mc2 equating mass to energy, the GeV can be regarded either as a unit of energy equal to 160.2176462 picojoules, or as a unit of mass equal to 1.782662x10-24 gram or 1.073544 atomic mass unit.

See also: Electron.

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