Electrical Insulation

A material used to prevent the leakage of electricity from a conductor and to provide mechanical spacing or support as protection against accidental contact with the conductor.

Conformal Coating

A thin nonconducting coating that is either plastic or inorganic and is applied to a circuit for environmental and mechanical protection.


The shortest distance along the surface of an insulator from one conducting part to another, which may be energized or at ground potential.

See also: Barrier Film, Basic Impulse Insulation Level, Creepage Distance, Electric Motor Windings, Electrical Conductivity, High Current Arc Ignition Test, High Voltage Arc Resistance to Ignition Test, High Voltage Arc Tracking Rate, Hot Wire Ignition Test, Insulation, Insulation Resistance, Insulator, Resistivity, Surface Insulation Resistance, Withstand Voltage.

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Subjects: Electrochemistry Electronics Physics