Electrical Conductivity

The capacity of a material to conduct electric current.

A measure of how easily an electric current can pass through a material. The conductivity is the reciprocal of the resistance.

The SI unit of conductance is the siemens.

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Aluminium 35000000 Sm-1Clip
Calcium 29800000 Sm-1Clip
Constantan 2040000 Sm-1Clip
Copper 59600000 Sm-1Clip
Germanium 2.17 Sm-1Clip
Gold 41000000 Sm-1Clip
Iron 10000000 Sm-1Clip
Lead 4550000 Sm-1Clip
Lithium 10800000 Sm-1Clip
Manganin 2070000 Sm-1Clip
Mercury Hg 1020000 Sm-1Clip
Nichrome 909000 Sm-1Clip
Nickel 14300000 Sm-1Clip
Platinum 9430000 Sm-1Clip
Sea Water 4.8 Sm-1Clip
Silicon 0.00156 Sm-1Clip
Silver 63000000 Sm-1Clip
Stainless Steel 1450000 Sm-1Clip
Tin 9170000 Sm-1Clip
Titanium 2380000 Sm-1Clip
Tungsten 17900000 Sm-1Clip
Zinc 16900000 Sm-1Clip
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See also: Conductivity, Electrical Insulation, Resistivity, Siemens.

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Subjects: Electronics Physics