A chance alignment between the Sun and two other celestial objects within the solar system in which one body blocks the light of the Sun from the other. In effect, the outer object moves through the shadow of the inner object.

Lunar Eclipse

When the Moon enters the Earth′s shadow as the Earth moves between the Sun and the Moon.

Penumbral - the moon enters only the penumbra of the earth.

partial - the moon enters the umbra without being totally immersed.

Total - the moon is entirely immersed in the umbra.

Solar Eclipse

When the Earth enters the Moon′s shadow as the Moon moves wholly (total eclipse) or partially (partial eclipse) in front of the Sun as seen from Earth.

Historical Notes

  1. 585BC Thales correctly predicted solar eclipse.
  2. 1504 Christopher Columbus correctly predicts the total eclipse of the moon.

See also: Annular Eclipse, Danjon Scale, Satellite Eclipse, Sun.

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