Drill Bits

There are many different types of drill bits, designed for drilling different materials or for use in different types of machine e.g. hand drill or power drill.


Centre Drill

A combined countersink and drill used to prepare work for mounting centres.

Flat Wood Drill

A wood drill that has a centre point to locate the drill and flats that bore the hole.

Forstner Bit

These have a centre spur and circular rims with cutting teeth that cut clean flat bottomed holes.

Twist Drill

A commonly used metal-cutting drill, usually made with two flutes running around the body.

See also: Auger Bit, Blind Hole, Carpenters Brace, Centre Drill, Chuck, Drill Gauge, Drill Jig, Drill Press, Flat Wood Drill, Flute, Forstner Bit, Letter Drills, Lip of a Drill, Number Drills, Pilot Hole, Twist Drill.

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