de Broglie Wavelength

Considers an atom behaving as a wave rather than a particle.

The effective wavelength of a particle would be inversely proportional to its momentum, where the constant of proportionality is the Planck constant.


h = Plancks constant = 6.63x10-34Js
m = mass [kg]
v = speed [ms-1]

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Argon 0.000000000026 mClip
Carbon Dioxide 0.000000000024 mClip
Helium 0.000000000081 mClip
Hydrogen 0.000000000114 mClip
Mercury Hg 0.000000000011 mClip
Methane 0.00000000004 mClip
Nitrogen 0.00000000003 mClip
Oxygen 0.000000000029 mClip
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See also: Broglie, Louis-Victor de, Wavefunction.

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Subjects: Physics