A sound-level meter reading with an A-weighting network simulating the human-ear response at a loudness level of 40 phons.

Enter frequency and level in either dB or dB(A) to get conversion and weighting or frequency only to get weighting.
Noise SourceSound Pressure Level dB(A)
Jet takeoff from 25m (possible eardrum damage)150
Aircraft carrier flight deck140
Jet take-off from 100m130
Rock band110 - 120
Jet fly-by at 300m, car horn at 1m100 - 110
Petrol grass mower - operator90 - 100
Food blender - operator, busy urban street80 - 90
Accelerating vehicle from 50kmhr-1 at 7.5m70 - 80
Vacuum cleaner - operator60 - 70
Light traffic at 30m50 - 60
Quiet residential area - daytime40 - 50
Quiet residential area - nighttime30 - 40
Wilderness, rustling leaves, whisper20 -30
Threshold of human hearing0

See also: A Weighting, dBB, Decibel, Sound Pressure Level.

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