Cubic Foot per Minute

British imperial unit of flow rate. Abbreviated to cfm.

Actual Cubic Feet per Minute (acfm) or Standard Cubic Feet per Minute (scfm) is used to denote that the air is at standard pressure and temperature. The standard pressure is 1 atmosphere and temperature 0°C or 20°C. The petroleum industry uses a standard temperature of 15.6°C for natural gas.

1 cufm=1.699m3h-1 1 cufm=28.32 litre min-1
1 ft3s-1=0.02832m3s-1 1 ft3s-1=1 cusec
1 ft3s-1=28.32 litre s-1 1 cubic foot per minute=1 cufm

See also: Cubic Foot, Flow Rate.

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