A material in which the atoms are arranged in a definite geometric pattern. These arrangements have a direct effect on the physical properties of the material. These arrangements commonly take the form of cubes, rectangular solids, hexagonal solids.....etc. Most crystals contain defects that can strongly affect their optical and electrical properties.


Arrangements in space of the axes of a crystal lattice with respect to a coordinate system.

See also: Allomer, Allotriomorphic Crystal, Body Centred Cubic, Bragg′s Law, Cleavage, Crystal Structure, Crystal System, Crystalline, Crystallization, Dangling Bonds, Dendrite, Dislocation, Donor, Edge Dislocation, Face Centred Cubic, Hexagonal Close Packed, Impurity, Lattice, Lattice Parameter, Madelung Constant, Miller Indices, Miller-Bravis Indices, Neumann′s Law, Noncrystalline, Orientation, Perfect Crystal, Transgranular, Twin, Twin Bands, Unit Cell, Vacancy, X-Ray Crystallography, Zone.

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Subjects: Chemistry Physics