Crystal Structure

For crystalline materials, the manner in which atoms or ions are arrayed in space. It is defined in terms of the unit cell geometry and the atom positions within the cell.

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Actinium fcc Clip Adamantane fcc Clip Aluminium fcc Clip
Ammonium Acetate orthorhombic Clip Antimony Tetroxide Orthorhombic Clip Antimony Tribromide Orthorhombic Clip
Antimony Trifluoride Orthorhombic Clip Antimony Triiodide Rhombohedral Clip Antimony Trioxide Cubic < 843K, Orthorhombic >843K Clip
Antimony Triselenide Orthorhombic Clip Argon fcc Clip Arsenic Rhombohedral Clip
Barium bcc Clip Beryllium Bromide Orthrhombic Clip Bismuth rhombohedral Clip
Caesium bcc Clip Cerium Oxide fcc Clip Chromium bcc Clip
Cobalt hcp / fcc at 690K Clip Copper fcc Clip Europium bcc Clip
Fused Silica amorphous glass Clip Gadolinium hcp / bcc at 1537K Clip Gallium fcc or ortho Clip
Gallium II Selenide hexagonal Clip Gallium Phosphide Zinc Blende Clip Germanium IV Sulphide monoclinic Clip
Germanium Telluride Rhombohedral Clip Gold fcc Clip Hafnium hcp / bcc at 2050K Clip
Iridium fcc Clip Iron bcc / fcc at 1180K then fcc / bcc at 1670K Clip Krypton fcc Clip
Lanthanum hcp / fcc at 583K then fcc / bcc at 1137K Clip Lead fcc Clip Lithium hcp / fcc at 74K then fcc / bcc at 140K Clip
Magnesium Diboride Hexagonal Clip Magnesium Iodide Hexagonal Clip Manganese Carbonate hexagonal-rhombohedral Clip
Molybdenum bcc Clip Neodymium hcp / bcc at 1135K Clip Neodymium III Oxide Hexagonal Clip
Neon fcc Clip Nickel fcc Clip Niobium bcc Clip
Palladium fcc Clip Platinum fcc Clip Potassium bcc Clip
Praseodymium hcp / bcc at 1065K Clip Rhodium fcc Clip Rubidium bcc Clip
Samarium rhomb / bcc at 1190K Clip Scandium hcp / fcc at 1223K Clip Silver fcc / hcp at 5K Clip
Silver Bromide Cubic FCC Clip Silver Nitrate orthorhombic Clip Sodium bcc Clip
Sodium Chloride cubic FCC Clip Strontium hcp / fcc at 506K then hcp / bcc at 813K Clip Tantalum bcc Clip
Technetium hcp Clip Tellurium hcp Clip Thallium hcp / fcc at 503K Clip
Thorium fcc / bcc at 1673K Clip Thulium hcp / bcc at 1158K Clip Tin cub / bcc Clip
Titanium hcp / bcc at 1158K Clip Tungsten bcc Clip Vanadium bcc Clip
Xenon fcc Clip Ytterbium fcc / bcc at 1071K Clip Yttrium hcp / bcc at 1763K Clip
Zinc Phosphate monoclinic Clip Zirconium hcp / bcc at 1100K Clip<
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See also: Crystal.

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