Crank Rumble

This is an amplitude modulation of engine noise perceived inside a car with a modulation frequency of 0.5 order. Some of the factors affecting crank rumble are:

  • Bearing clearances
  • Powertrain mount bracket stiffness
  • Ancillary bracket stiffness
  • Crankshaft counter balance weight
  • Flywheel-end bearing housing stiffness
  • Bed-plate stiffness
  • Crankshaft pin diameter
  • Crankshaft web stiffness
  • Flywheel bending stiffness
  • Flywheel mass and inertia
  • Oil pressure and viscosity

Some additions that improve crank rumble are:

  • Bending damper on crankshaft nose
  • Structural sump
  • Ladder frame

See also: Engine Excitation Mechanisms, Engine Orders.

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Subjects: Engines Noise & Vibration