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Having both width and length, but no thickness.
Having length, width, and thickness i.e. space.
Boolean Operation
Command that allows the addition, subtraction or intersection of solid objects in CAD.
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Fatigue Analysis
The anlysis of a particular design to understand how durable it will be over it′s lifetime.
G-Code Programming
Programs written to operate NC machines with control systems that comply with the ANSI/EIA RS-274-D-1980 Standard.
Open modelling language that supports expression=expression rather than just variable=expression
A simplification of the real-life object and situation that preserves their essential nature, and allows a solution using mathematics.
Monte Carlo Calculations
Simulation based upon events that happen randomly, and so the outcome of a calculation is not always absolutely predictable.
Navier Stokes Codes
Computer software that contains the mathematical equations of motion for a viscous fluid.
Numerical Analysis
The study of methods for approximation of solutions of various classes of mathematical problems including error analysis.
Numerical Control
Any controlled equipment that allows an operator to program its movement by entering a series of coded numbers and symbols.
One Dimensional
Having length, but no width e.g. a line.
Ray Tracing
The calculation of the propagation, reflection and refraction of rays from source to receiver. This technique is used extensively within the optics and acoustics industry.
Static Condensation (Guyan Reduction)
A Finite Element reduction technique which is used in the dynamic solution of very large problems.
Three Dimensional
Having length, width, and thickness i.e. space.
Two Dimensional
Having both width and length, but no thickness.

See also: Computer Aided Design.

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