Compact Disc

Trademark term for the Sony-Philips digital audio optical disc storage system.

An optical disc designed to store digitally 75 minutes of stereo audio data.

The system stores 75 minutes (maximum) of digital audio and subcode information, or other non-audio data, on a 12 centimetre diameter optical disc.

The disc is made of plastic, with a top metallized layer, and is read by reflected laser light.

Compact Discs
CD-Icompact disc interactiveSystem storing digital audio, video, text, and graphics information interactively, with user control over content and presentation, on a 12cm diameter optical disc.
CD-Rcompact disc-recordableA compact disc that is recordable at least once.
CD-ROMcompact disc read-only memoryA method of storing digitally coded information, such as computer information or database, on a 12cm diameter optical disc.
CD-Vcompact disc videoA system storing five minutes of analog video and digital audio plus twenty minutes of digital audio only on a 12cm diameter optical disc, and longer times on 20cm or 30cm diameter optical discs.

The CD is a Constant Linear Velocity system rotating from 500 rpm (lead-in track) to 200 rpm (lead-out track).

See also: Constant Linear Velocity, Digital Versatile Disc, Magneto-Optical Recording, Memory, Storage.

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