Combustion Chamber

The space above the piston in which the fuel-air mixture starts to burn in an internal combustion engine.

Combustion Chamber Volume

Volume of combustion chamber.

Pre Combustion Chamber

A chamber in the cylinder head of some engines into which the fuel is injected, ignited, and partly burned, the rest of the fuel being thrown out into the main combustion space where combustion is completed.

Swirl Combustion

A combustion chamber configuration which uses curved mixing ridges in the intake ports and/or a re-entrant piston bowl. Some swirl combustion chambers have a larger rim around the outside of the piston and a more compact combustion chamber or bowl. The swirl is used to reduce particulate emissions.

See also: Combustion, Combustion Pressure, Combustion Reaction, Combustion Residue, Pre Combustion Chamber, Soot, Swirl Combustion.

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Subjects: Engines